A 101 guide in understanding how to buy a water treatment system

A 101 guide in understanding how to buy a water treatment system

Before you buy a water treatment solution, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. First of you need to get the water tested. There are many state certified laboratories to help you with these tests.

Why do you need water analysis?

The salt content in water differs from one place to another. To make an informed decision about the water treatment solution for your property, you need to be aware of what is found in your area. This is why water has to be tested.

The water test results will help you with a comprehensive inside on what kind of problems you have, or would face. This will also give you a clearer picture on the kind of treatment system you require. The best treatment system will help rectify all these problems without any hassles or tussles. Remember, that water treatment systems are always designed with certain trade-offs. For example, periodic maintenance is a simple kind of trade-off.

And, some systems will expect you to flush them periodically. Flushing will result in increasing the waste water load that is imposed on the septic unit. Now, this is something you need to consider before investing on the treatment system. Few other systems will be capable of removing a single contaminant at a time. If something else is added to your waters, those contaminants will remain untouched.

How to understand whole process?

Let’s understand the previous factor with a simple example: Imagine you pick an ion exchange system for treating water in your home. The science behind these systems is to remove manganese and iron from water. What would happen if sodium gets added to your water? The chances of your treatment system removing sodium is very low. And, sodium is known for increasing problems like blood pressure.

The key take away from this point would be the fact that every good consumer needs to engage in thorough research before finalizing on a water treatment solution. Ask plenty of questions from your contractor. And, don’t forget to query your water well contractor too! These professionals will be able to help you with answers on how to choose the best water treatment for your property. Questions and the kind of support offered by the distributors will definitely aid you in making a wise, informed decision.

Are you a wise consumer?

Many consumers feel snubbed when this question is put in front of them! Well, buying a water treatment system is never a joke. It is something to do with your health and wellness. This is why you need to be wise in many places. Let us help you understand more about this second step.

Did you conduct enough water tests?

First things first, were the water tests enough? Many a times, people rely on the tests conducted by their neighbors. It might seem extremely normal to believe that the water report witnessed by your neighbors would hold true for your home too! Unfortunately, reality can be different. If your property consumes water from a different bed, then your water test reports will be different. This is why you need to run as many water tests as possible.

Key Take away: Never shun away from water tests because they cost you few bucks. Instead, look for companies that offer free in home tests. These tests may not evaluate all your contaminants, but you will get a clearer picture of what you really need to know. If the results from these tests are bad, go ahead and spend some bucks on a comprehensive water report.

Chemicals in water occurring naturally

Water tests must reveal all traces of man made and naturally occurring chemicals in water. Often, man made chemicals are primary source of health problems. It is important for your water treatment system to eradicate these chemicals. Another important factor tested by the professionals would be hardness. If water in your home is extremely hard, you need to install a water treatment system with softeners. Few other parameters identified and shared by state certified labs would be pH, sulfur and iron.
The moment you understand about the characteristics and contaminants in your water (especially the drinking one), you will be able to figure out on the type of treatment it needs.

How to pick a treatment system?

After the tests are done, and the treatment system is identified – your next challenge lies on how to choose the right company. The treatment system should be installed by a company that is established and highly reputed in the industry. It is important to ask questions on how long the business has been around. Also, you should ask for referrals and inquire about their services. A company that shares details of its existing and previous customers will always be keen in satisfying your requirements. Indeed, this is how the industry works.

Is the product certified?

When it comes to water treatment solutions, there is no space for compromises. At all times, you need to invest in the right product. Look for products that are certified. If you have chosen a good, reputed contractor – this job becomes easy. That is because the contractor would take the burden of choosing and installing a certified product at your home.

Meanwhile, there is no harm in doing some homework from your end. For example, you can spend some time and check if the product is tested by standard 3rd party organizations. Likewise, you should check if the system is designed to handle all the issues in your region. Products that are tested and designed to meet certain requirements will have a “comprehensive label” printed on it. To play even safe, you can request for test reports from the sales representatives. Water treatment systems from reputed names will not be sold without these test results. Look for the contaminants tackled by the system in this report.

Key take away: All of the above measures are executed to experience an extra dose of confidence in the water treatment system. And, when you are confident about what you are buying, and installing – you will certainly have peace of mind.

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