How to handle bad reviews from Airbnb guests?

How to handle bad reviews from Airbnb guests?

The community of Airbnb is so string because of the different reviews that are posted by the guests. The reviews bring in transparency in the whole system and keep you safe as both Host and guest.

Are reviews so important to you?

When reviews are so important it becomes necessary that your accommodation had good reviews but things are not the way you want. Sometimes some reviews can be harsh and there may be words that say negative about you and your property. The impact is quite clear!

Not only that your ranking will be hampered but your status as a good host will face questions. Thus, you need to know how to handle these and reviews. Many of the reviews may not be true but there are some that has traces of truth and the guest have over emphasized them. This post will try to help you to deal with such reviews.

How do you deal with a bad Airbnb review?

The best advice that you can get for bad reviews are that tries to be a better host so that there are not such reviews anymore. Still, it happens and in order to ensure that there are no such comment in near future you must check out every detail.

Like, your location may be a bit far away from downtown but you didn’t mention it in the description. Guests will expect something and when they find the distance they will consider it a negative point and mention it in their reviews. Rather if you mention in the description that its 30 minutes’ drive from downtown they will set their expectations before booking.

Whenever you get any feedback consider it openly. Think what are the issues and how can you work on it to make it better? There can be some complains that are beyond your reach like hot weather, but can you do something that can soothe them in hot summers?

Airbnb guests want to be heard

Bad reviews are nothing but your guest opinion about what they missed from their expectations. The best way to resolve them is set the right expectations beforehand. Your description will help you a lot in it. Here are some tips to work on it

• Try to provide best service accommodate all reasonable requests.
• Be in touch with the guest during their stay. You can also ask them that what can be done to make their stay better
• You must keep a locked suggestion box where you guest can leave their suggestions or anything that they have not shared openly.

Before the guest leave ask them to write something about their stay in a book provided to them. Once they have written down their experience there are high chances that they will repeat the same when they write it online. Even if someone has some bad reviews they may not write it directly on your face. Thus,a gain when they write comments online it is obvious that they will not change their mind. This way you can change their mind from writing a bad review to writing a normal review.

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