How to use Sprinklr for Social Media management purposes?

How to use Sprinklr for Social Media management purposes?

Sprinklr is a social media management tool meant mainly for large enterprises, due to its beneficial features and high prices. It is more successful in reaching maximum numbers of audiences, keep them more engaged and listen to their conversations, compared to many other similar media management tools. It can connect to more than 25 social media channels and thus, effective in making clients’ profiles popular on all digital platforms. It handles all vital operations of social media marketing, comprising of advertising on social media sites, engaging target audiences on these platforms, and customer support.

Special modules for engaging viewers

Sprinklr has special Customer Relationship management module that monitors all responses of viewers from one platform. The social governance module of this software allows better management of all social media profiles of clients from this single platform.

Better insights into social media management

Clients can use Sprinklr for monitoring their status among other competitors, who are striving for success through social media platforms. This tool offers important insights into tracking the engagement of audiences and replying to their responses on clients’ posts on social media sites. It also provides a thorough understanding of the current likings of audiences and prevailing trends in the market.

Evaluate the success of marketing campaigns

Sprinklr is the tool that helps in collecting information from all active social media accounts of clients. Thus, it helps in the total assessment of the performances of social media marketing campaigns launched by clients. This software also estimates the ROI that can be achieved from all postings of commercial contents on these sites, for brand promotion.

Prompt replies to all responses on posts

The popularity of posts on social media sites can be judged from the numbers and nature of responses of viewers. Sprinklr customizes the replies for every response on these posts on clients’ accounts, which can engage audiences in positive conversations with their preferred brands. The single dashboard of this tool helps in viewing and replying to all responses and messages of audiences in different social media sites.

Automation of all functions

Sprinklr automates the scheduling of all posts on social media sites, as per the calendar set on this software. It also automatically tracks down the performances of all posts of clients and keeps the brands always active on the social media walls. The replies to the responses are automated as well, to save the time and effort of clients in this regard.


Thus, Sprinklr is considered as the integrated platform for all essential activities that help in viewing customers’ attitudes on social media posts. The library of this tool has numerous categories and subcategories of contents, which makes easier for clients to choose the most relevant ones. Hence, lots of famous brands of the world now use this social media management tool for their brand promotions on all social media sites. It has boosted the love of customers for the products offered by these companies, as per the stories of their success that are published online. Therefore, it is known to be a leader in social media management for all renowned enterprises of the world.

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